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gravity stand for oP-1

The 'Gravity Stand for OP-1' is a third-party stand for the Teenage Engineering synthesizer, the OP-1. It enhances the usability of the OP-1's G-force sensor with a tiltable structure.




Physical Interface

Mechanical Engineering Design

Rapid Prototyping

Impacts/ Benefits

Enhancing Usability

Developing sound interaction

How does it work?

Sound control demo using the Gravity Stand for OP-1 >>>

The stand has an angle-adjustable structure that allows for detailed control of the pitch, effect, volume, and modulation of the sound using the OP-1's G-Froce sensor function. The stand has a spring mechanism and the ability to return to its original position even after adjusting the tilt.

Top view.jpg
Material, Technique Practise.jpg
Material, Technique Practise.jpg


Pine, Chisel
Walnut, Router

PLA, FDM 3D Printer
TPU, FDM 3D Printer
ABS, FDM 3D Printer
Resin, SLA 3D Printer
Resin + FRP, SLA 3D Printer
Resin, Silicone Cast
Resin + Metal, Silicone cast
Resin, NC Mill
Acrylic, CNC Machine
Aluminium, CNC Machine
Brass, CNC Machine
Bronze, Lost wax Cast
Brass, Sand cast
Brass, NC Mill
Resin + FRP, SLA 3D Printer

Prototyping process;

Research of Materials,
Mechanical Structure,
Manufacturing techniques
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