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Sound Brick

Sound Brick is a sound exploration modular system designed to enhance an auditory sense and sound experience through interactive engagement with sound. This lets users play with, experiment with sound and customise their sound.




Sound interaction


Physical computing

Impacts/ Benefits

Enhancing Auditory Sense/Perception

Understanding Interaction system

Playing Music as an Instrument

Pictures from London Design Festival 2023

Module Features


As our society changes rapidly, fueled by the 4th industrial revolution, advancements in AI, and the rise of pandemics, it is time to reflect on ourselves. Are we evolving alongside these changes? With the world transitioning into a digital era, there is a noticeable decline in people's perceptiveness and personal development.

How can we navigate this situation? Making efforts to foster fundamental human sensory development will be the primary key to resolving this problem. Through this, users can develop the capacity to think independently and evaluate incoming information critically, maintaining an individual perspective amidst the overwhelming influx of information. Furthermore, it has the potential to promote inclusivity by fostering empathy, understanding, and embracing multilateral thinking, thus transcending barriers such as nationality, race, educational level, social status, and cultural differences. This broader perspective enables a more inclusive and harmonious coexistence with others.

As a first step in this direction, my project focused on enhancing the auditory sense. This choice was driven by the understanding that sound serves as the most instinctive and natural communication medium for humans from birth. Furthermore, my extensive musical background spanning nearly 20 years naturally guided me towards projects centred around the exploration of the sense of sound.

* My definition of 'sensory development' or 'enhancing sense' involves the fundamental development of the body's sensory abilities, occurring in conjunction with the wiring of the brain's neural network as described in the theory of neuroplasticity. It also encompasses the cultivation of perceptual abilities for specific sensations acquired through bodily senses.

Modular System

The Sound Brick features a modular system structure, allowing users to control and manipulate the sound it produces. Users can explore various sound possibilities by rearranging the order of modules and adding or removing them. This interactive process enables users to experiment with different components of sound and provides a hands-on experience of how sounds can be modified and manipulated.

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Prototyping process;

Research of Design,
Modular Structure,
interaction sound system
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